How to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Marriage
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Life couldn’t better if you tried - a successful career, adorable kids, a reliable and caring spouse – it seems tailor-made with a rosy future. But there is something missing amidst all these trappings of a happy and successful married life. The romance and excitement seems to be missing in your life. Okay, so you’ll have any number of seasoned married couples telling you that the romance fades once you get into the daily grind and the burden of responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders. Sure, there is a grain of truth in that but whose to say you can’t periodically inject a sporadic burst of excitement and pure adulterated romance into your daily married life, amid the kids and work schedules? Here are some tips that may work in your favor!


A relationship turns insipid essentially due to a lack of communication. So it is essential that you and your spouse set aside some quality time and talk straight from the heart. This period should be restrictively for the two of you – no television, interrupting phone calls or wailing kids – just you and your sweetheart. Talk about your dreams, hopes, desires and the feelings you have for each other, just the way you did in those rosy courtship days. In the course of your discussion, never stray into to the realm of family problems. There’s more than enough time for that!

Get away from the daily grind.

This will you get closer and help you stay romantic. At least once a week, arrange for a baby sitter or leave your children with a trusted ayah or an elder in the family, and simply go out together – for a film, a quiet meal or a drink at the local pub.

A couple that plays together stays together.

To be close to each other it is important that you be active and do things together. And this can only be possible if you share a common interest. If he plays golf, develop your passion for the game and challenge him to a round. If tennis is her passion, take lessons and play a love game together. You’ll be scoring points in and out of the courts! And rest assured it would be a game, set and match made in heaven. Your spouse won’t feel the need to call a friend every time he/she wants to discuss the finer points of the game because you don’t understand!

Engineer a surprise.

This is an excellent way to make your spouse feel special. Buy a thoughtful or impractically cute gift, send a romantic card on his/her official address and bask in the glow as your spouse shows it off to his/her colleagues in happiness and sheer disbelief. Or buy two tickets for a late night movie and make the arrangements to take care of the kids in your absence.

Dress up in a special way once in a while.

And woo your spouse with naughty nightwear and sexy lingerie. Watch the blood gush to his face as passion soars! This goes a long way and is a welcome change from the insipid, demure cotton nighties!

Give a rose to your spouse for no reason at all.

If you’re feeling rich, send a bouquet. Or simply pluck some flowers from your garden or buy one long stemmed rose – it costs you practically nothing and has the power to make his/her day, and speaks volumes of your feelings.

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