The Ideal Husband
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Over the past few years we’ve all seen glossy magazine articles on what women really want in a husband. We have had a hackneyed image created and thrown at us from all directions and they always seem to change, depending on what magazine you’re reading at the moment! In general, in the Seventies and right through the Eighties we had the Yuppie - a man driven by material wealth and the pursuit of social status, that had women swooning. And industry scions like Kabir Mulchandani were considered hot property and a prime catch.
The Nineties saw the advent of the New Age Man – (a product of Mills&Boon?) – the strong, sensitive type who would think nothing of helping out with the dishes or the cooking on the ayah’s day off or even taking turns changing the baby’s diapers at night. And he is just perfect – sensitive, loving, tender – and exclusively a one-woman man! With all these schools of thought offering different opinions on what the ideal male should be, I was tempted to do a little research on the subject and come up with my own conclusions.

The ideal man is actually a variation of the Eighties male in that he still has a strong personality but he has also met his match in a woman - you. Because the contemporary woman is no longer the weaker sex. We just like to be looked after and romanced. We like to be swept of our feet just as much as we like to be in control and want a man that has the ability to allow both sides of our character to luxuriate, without being a weakling. We don’t want a molly-coddling man who helps out around the house and can’t stand up for himself! He can be kind and sensitive, but he can never be a sucker – because it is very important for us to look up to our man.

Virility too is a huge turn on for the twenty-first century woman. This does not mean that a man has to be Adonis - or have the body of Hercules - but he must be someone we can proudly show off to our friends and family. While he does not have to be filthy rich or have a great job in a multinational company, he does need to offer security to the woman – to stand on his own feet instead of relying on the family business and lazing around all day. He needs to be strong in his convictions, well spoken and have fixed goals. In other words, the ideal man must have an aim in life and have the conviction and the ability to achieve them.

Now what this actually means varies with each woman, but the basics are pretty much as described above. Today´s woman wants her man to be closer to the classic John Wayne archetype, in that he has a solid character and is willing to take charge, but more significantly, he needs to offer security to the woman in his life – and be her pillar of strength. Are we asking for too much? I don’t think so! I guess what I am really trying to say here is that, guys, all of you have it in you to be Prince Charming - just be self-confident, articulate and believe in yourself!

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