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"Indian-Americans supporters of BJP and Narendra Modi would be campaigning through social media and phone calls, for which several thousands volunteers have come forward and their number is swelling every day," he said, adding hundreds of BJP supporters are planning to travel to India for the campaign.
"The voice of NRIs have a greater impact on the people," he said.

AAP-USA leader Pran Kurup said his party was doing frequent Google hangouts with NRIs. AAP has in fact launched a dedicated website for the Indian diaspora.

Encouraged by the success in Delhi assembly polls, the AAP supporters are planning to adopt Lok Sabha constituencies.

"Several volunteers' teams have been formed all across the world, including many cities in the U.S. These teams are self-running for the most part similar to AAP's Swaraj concept while they are still sufficiently coordinated to share the do's and don'ts from each other," he said.

The party is also using Google hangouts for fund raising campaigns. For instance in one hangout last month, it generated donations of over 20 lakhs.

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