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NEW DELHI: Amnesty International India is inviting its Indian supporters to participate in "Go Geneva", an opportunity to witness the proceedings of the UNHRC at Geneva in March.
One candidate, selected through a fair process, will get to travel to Geneva to observe and take part in the crucial process of the UNHRC session that will contribute towards pushing for justice in Sri Lanka.

"This initiative is a significant step towards Amnesty International India's endeavour to build a human rights movement in India that is led and sustained by Indians," the group said.

"This activity will reinforce the fact that every small step taken by an individual supporter of Amnesty International India helps in creating a long-term impact in improving human rights worldwide," said G. Ananthapadmanabhan, chief executive of Amnesty International India.

"By reaching out to millions through this effort, we hope to educate our supporters and other concerned citizens of India about UNHRC proceedings, and enhance their awareness about our programme of work and the methods we use to prevent grave human rights abuses around the world." he said.

Amnesty International India has been campaigning to demand justice for the victims of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka since 2012.

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