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The present state of affairs worldwide cries for a remedy that can be applied universally. God gave us a beautiful world to live in. We have made it a veritable perdition. All sort of devilish propensities are reflected in man’s conduct and deeds. No race or nation can boast of a universal remedy except India - the land of sages who carried out inner exploration to perfection. While man continues to rejoice in his achievements in the field of science and technology, the Vedantists (sages of ancient times who gave us timeless treatises containing perennial philosophy of human life) fathomed the hinterland of human consciousness and discovered the infinite treasure that lies within. While the materialistic man busies himself in the outer physical world, our sages of yore explored the world of human possibilities. The sages of yesteryears showed to us the unique human possibility of being able to know the physical world and also explore the infinite energy of our real Self within. No mundane mechanism can ever wipe out the widely rampant hostilities and evils. Only the realization of the divine chord of the soul can synthesize the conflicting postures. Just as the availability of a thread can tie the scattered pearls into a rosary, even so, the discovery of the divine thread can make the world of diversities appear as one global family.
This divine chord is common in all. Even the sensory system of beings draws its activating force from it. It is the birthless and deathless spirit in all. Upon its manifestation, followed by its fuller realization, the world will witness an atmosphere of higher collective consciousness. It is vital to a harmonious and healthy human development. Our soul is the repository of infinite, energy-like power of the Almighty Lord.

The visible universe is a lesser manifestation of this infinite energy. Modern man is guilty of using the bounties of nature in flagrant violation of natural laws. The results need no elaboration. Any progress made at the physical level, ignoring the inner voice of conscience, will be an act bereft of wisdom. Harmony with nature can be ensured through wisdom and not knowledge. If no attention is paid, the result would be what Bertrand Russell (the British logician, best known for his mathematical logic and analytic philosophy) said, "Unless men increase in wisdom as much as in knowledge, increase of knowledge will be increase of sorrow".

No amount of secular knowledge can give us wisdom. It dawns only on realizing the soul - the real Self of man within. Verbal instructions do not give lasting conviction. The effect is transitory only. It is only cosmic vision which is synonymous with the perpetual light of soul, ever shining within, which sets our melancholy and despondency at rest. The encrustation of delusion, which coats our being, does not break off by mere verbal talk and sermons. Aural dose has to be followed by practical dose of cosmic consciousness through imparting of the divine eye. It is only through the divine eye that our metaphysical journey into inner space comes into motion.

The lion of Vedanta will roar away the petty howling of religious zealots who divide humanity on flippant grounds, if taught practically in the lab called human body. Spirituality - the science of soul - should not remain confined to verbal lessons on morality, but should reach every human being on earth in a practical way. It needs to be taught as a science of experience of our innate divinity. Once we start doing it in this manner, we will have men and women all around with higher collective consciousness. Thus, the need is for a spiritual guide capable of taking people above body/mind complex so that we act in close connection with our inherent divinity.

Vedanta, the perennial philosophy of human life should not remain only in the revered scriptures. It should reach every human being on earth. Reaching them should not just be a padding of their being with pedantic narration of high profile sermons. It needs to touch every individualīs heart and soul so that they may go beyond body/mind complex by manifesting their innate divinity. Let us take practical Vedanta even to inmates lodged in prisons. Make every inmate utter and practically realize that he is the spirit.

Inner exploration starts with opening of the eye of the spirit. The third eye is not mere imagination. All have it, but it is not visible like the two physical eyes. Upon its opening, real meditation starts and one enters the inner world of pure consciousness. The inner eye is the window to the inner world of Ultimate Reality. One has then trans-dichotomous experience of the divine chord, and one breathes out pure thoughts of compassion, love and peace. Thus, we need to stop the recourse to half-hearted measures and listen to the divine call of revered scriptures, "It is the Self that should be seen, heard of, reflected on and meditated upon for a holistic life and the ultimate goal of salvation".

Sushil Kumar Vasudeva is a Human Rights Activist residing in New Delhi, India. He is also the author of approximately 85 published articles regarding spirituality, philosophy, theology, and religion. The author draws inspiration from his preceptor, Satguru Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj. Sushil Kumar Vasudeva can be reached at

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