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BANGALORE: The speculations which originated by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden on the possibility of U.S. intelligence agencies’ involvement in Indian internet network snooping has took a new twist. Giving a truth angle to the speculation is the latest report by Indian government which has now acknowledged and confirmed U.S. snooping on India’s emails. However the report says that only metadata or the origin route destination of emails had been tracked and not the real content of emails, reports Indian Republic.
The report, which was tabled by Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Right to Privacy in the adjourned session of the Parliament, assured that the information that had been gathered by the U.S. intelligence body was only metadata. The all important report was presented before the Standing Committee of Information Technology by the Secretary of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology.

The report also presented the U.S. President Obama’s, re-iterations over the fact that only metadata had been accessed, which included the origin of the message, the end user and the channel through which it had gone. However, it was also stated that there were no further attempts made by the U.S. intelligence agency for accessing any real content.

The DEITY secretary also went a step ahead by warning the U.S. intelligence body that any incursion into the content of such emails will not be accepted and is not tolerable from Indian stand and their point of view. Following this the department that looks after safety and policy was also given a caution to remain extremely careful and alert with other nations so as to avoid any further leakage and interception of sensitive information in the name of inspection.

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