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Bangalore: The recent high school research competition that was conducted by the Intel Science Talent Search has proved the capability of the young in the field of innovation these days. Indians too have a reason to celebrate here with the ninth and tenth place among the finalists being bagged by two Indians namely Akshay Padmanambha and Sahana Vasudevan. Let’s proceed to know more about them here.
Akshay Padmanambha, the son of Poombady Padmanambha and Asha Padmanambha was one of the finalists at the Intel Science Search this year. Originally from Karnataka, the young talent of sixteen years resides in Collierville.

His project mainly addressed the topic of bioengineering. A Vagus Nerve stimulator ( VNS ) can now be used in the treatment of those patients with seizure disorders, especially those with a resistance for surgery or drugs. The treatment helps in delivering to the brain, a signal which is constant and of low voltage.

However, this is not free from its side effects namely a risk of heart disease and sleep apnea. However this can be avoided by the activation of the VNS with the use of an algorithm at the onset of the seizures. This has been developed by Akshay through the analysis of epileptic EEGs. The algorithm can get the oncoming seizures detected. The use of this algorithm has thus been simulated by Akshay into the triggering system of the VNS.

Akshay’s other hobbies involve playing the jazz and electric bassoon. He also served in Germantown’s Houston High School Band where he was the principle bassoonist. A player of the Ultimate Frisbee, he serves as the captain and founder of the Math Bowl team. He also leads the Horizon where the interactions between students with general needs and those with special needs are promoted.Having entered the mathematics project at the Intel Science Talent Search the sixteen year old Sahana Vasudevan from Palo Alto is another among the finalists at the event. The “carry” is an important aspect in arithmetic. It is usually handled by a carry bit in computing. She has here contributed a good result to “groups”, some mathematical structures. In this way she has proved a certain necessary condition

Originally from Tamil Nadu, Sahana now resides in Palo Alto in the U.S. She is also a violinist and a classical vocalist having won an award for her performance. Her singing began at the age of four and the playing of the violin at the age of seven. The daughter of Jayaraman Vasudevan and Vanaja Narayanaswamy, she was homeschooled at the Gnynam Academy.

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