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BANGALORE: Thanks to the recent unsavory events that took center stage in the national capital, the city has lost its sheen among migrant workers, especially the women. About 43 percent of the migrant women workforce now feels that the city is unsafe for working. And a majority of them have opted to look out for a job in other safer places preferably in cities nearby their home towns, said the PHD Research Bureau of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on ‘Women Safety in Delhi: Issues and Challenges to Employment.’
The survey was conducted based on the feedback of around 3400 women in Delhi where most of them opined that they feel more unsafe mainly after the Nirbhaya attack. Out of which, 60 percent of them are from other parts of the country. The report said, "In the light of the recent incidents which took place in Delhi, around 43 percent of the outside working women respondents unanimously felt that they are looking for a job out of Delhi. preferably in cities close to their native towns. They are ready to compromise on their earnings for the safety."

The frequent occurrences of crimes against women in Delhi have indeed demotivated working women and because of which 80 percent are more inclined to work in day shifts. This has a negative impact on women employment as they tend to refrain from continuing working late hours, added the survey.

One of the respondent exclaimed, "Traffic police can inculcate safety culture through regular road safety audits, identification of unsafe and incident prone zones. Delhi Police should be proactive in taking immediate action in emergencies in order to check anti social elements," reports TOI.

"As per the survey, lack of sufficient and well-functioning public services such as street lights, public toilets have also exposed women to unsafe environment in Delhi as many parts of the city have inadequate public services," added the study.

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