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BANGALORE: It is no secret that sexual violence against women has been rampant in India in the recent times. The recent Nirbaya case and the brutal gang rape of a young woman on the order of the village panchayat are a few examples of the same.
As per the report in the latest edition of British medical journal, The Lancet, nearly 27.5 million women in the country are severely affected by sexual violence of one sort or the other, which is shocking. Rubbing salt into the wounds is the fact most of these crime never comes to light, as only one percent victim come forward and report their trauma to the police authorities, reports the Hindu.

The report further added that marital rape is the most widespread form of violence against women in the country. And unfortunately, such act is still not considered as a crime under the law.

Anita Raj and Lotus McDougal in a report titled ‘Sexual Violence and Rape in India,’ said, “Most sexual violence in India occurs in marriage with 10 percent of married women reporting sexual violence from husbands,” reports the Hindu. And they further added that, “Adolescent wives are most vulnerable, reporting the highest number of marital sexual violence in any age group. Adolescent girls also account for 24 percent of rape cases in the country, although they represent only 9 percent of the total women population. An estimated 2·5 million adolescent girls (between 15 and 19 years) are victims of sexual violence in India.”

Though the number of victims reporting sexual violence has seen a rise post Nirbaya episode, National Crime Records Bureau data says, this is mainly due to the increase in actual rape incidents.

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