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NEW DELHI: India and China are working together to counter the threat of terrorism and extremism faced by the two countries, National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon said today.
“India and China have already started working together on security issues for obvious reasons. We share a periphery and interests. We both are threatened by the kind of terrorism and extremism that we see today. For several years, we have consulted and talked to each other on these issues,” he said while addressing ‘Growth Net’ seminar here.

The NSA said this cooperation was “logical” as the two countries want to maintain their domestic environment and they “don’t want the kind of uncertainty that is seen today”.

He was asked to comment on the possibility of India and China working together to thwart the threat from terrorism and extremism.

India and China have been involved in a tussle over boundary issues and have been holding talks to resolve them for many years now.

The two sides have also held joint Army drills to practice counter-terrorism maneuvers and are expected to hold the fourth round of their ‘Hand in Hand’ exercises this year in India.

Menon said for the last two years, India and China have also been discussing the situation in Afghanistan, which is expected to witness the withdrawal of US troops from this year.

“Last two years, we have been discussing Afghanistan and we have talked on how we can cope with the situation there as it is going through transition,” he said. –PTI

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