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Bangalore: The white house is all set to conduct a 'yoga garden' for children and their parents who will be attending the traditional Easter Egg Roll festivities today, reports Chidanand Rajghatta of TNN. It is interesting to note the importance this physical activity has been receiving from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, at a time when certain schools in the U.S. are opposing the teaching of yoga in schools.
"Come enjoy a session of yoga from professional instructors," said the White House in a statement encouraging people from all over the country to be part of the event, the theme being ‘Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!'

The white house has been the venue for yoga garden earlier also; but this time it is more noteworthy because of the ongoing lawsuit in California, which is raising questions against the teaching of yoga in schools.

The lawsuit is the result of a religious controversy following a yoga programme at a school in California, as some parents has expressed concern that their kids might start getting attracted to ancient Hindu beliefs.But, the White House is trying to spread awareness about the practice of yoga since they are greatly concerned about the decrease observed in the overall well-being of the nation and its increasing healthcare bill.

Leah Cullis, a certified yoga teacher will be in charge of yoga garden. "The mission of the event is to share ways where families and children can use simple tools for an active lifestyle — tools that require no props and no money and which they can go home and do it themselves," Cullis told TOI.

The white House recently came up with a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), which intends to encourage Americans to make physical activity and healthy eating part of their daily routine.

"Yoga has become a universal language of spiritual exercise in the United States, crossing many lines of religion and cultures," the White House said. "Every day, millions of people practice yoga to improve their health and overall well-being. That's why we're encouraging everyone to take part in PALA, so show your support for yoga and answer the challenge."

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