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BANGALORE: It is an unfortunate fact that Indians are still deeply engrossed in superstitious belief where many have hardly moved into the new age development. Politicians are no where far behind it. Superstitions and politics indeed go hand in hand especially during the poll season, reports UCA news.
Politicians of every sort in India take astrology very seriously, more so when elections approaching, and do everything possible within their means to stay in line with celestial positions of planets, with which their own personal fortunes are believed to recede and rise. For instance, some newly elected leaders take the oath of office on auspicious days and at the time chosen by astrologers. Once they assume office, ministers choose their rooms in the Secretariat after conducting due diligence of the rooms’ coordinates and history, notably, the length of stay of the previous occupants. They change the paint on the wall, drapery and upholstery and rearrange furniture as directed by their spiritual gurus.

Doodeshwar Nath, dedicated to Lord Shiva in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, is one such temple where politician usually flocked. Temple priest Rajendra Sharma said, “Divine power helps.” “The leaders get mental satisfaction and inner strength to fight the stress and anxiety they go through during campaigning,” he added.

Sharma further exclaimed, “All of these leaders came to the temple and worshipped Lord Shiva before filing their nominations for the polls.” Politicians therefore continue to tread down the path of courting gods and god-men to come out with excellence.

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