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NEW DELHI: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today moved the Election Commission urging it to put on hold the issuance of Air Operator’s Permit (AOP) by aviation regulator DGCA to AirAsia India till the next government takes over at the Centre.
Swamy alleged that the grant of the flying license was a “violation” and that it had been done disregarding his complaint to the Election Commission.

After a nine-month-long wait, new airlines AirAsia India was yesterday granted AOP or flying license by the DGCA. The airline has promised to offer low and competitive airfares.

In his memorandum to Chief Election Commissioner V S Sampath, Swamy sought injunction against the implementation of the AOP to the new airline and communicate it to the Civil Aviations Ministry.

Questioning the hurry in granting the license in the light of a case pending against the issue in the Court, Swamy asserted that offering low fares is an inducement to voters.

“The owner has announced that he would be giving cheapest fares, which is a clear inducement to voters. It’s a violation in itself,” he alleged.

“I had given them (EC) a complaint. They had sent it to the ministry. But I am not aware the ministry had replied or not. But, they have acted disregarding the Election Commission,” Swamy stated.–PTI

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