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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today refused to hear N Srinivasan’s plea for modification of its earlier orders to enable him to function as BCCI President for non-IPL cricketing activities.
A vacation bench of Justices B S Chauhan and A K Sikri pulled up Srinivasan for seeking its permission to look after cricketing activities of BCCI except IPL 7, saying it cannot modify the orders passed by another bench and asked him to approach the bench which had delivered the verdict.

Srinivasan had sought modification of the apex court’s March 28 and May 16 interim orders by which he was restrained from functioning as the BCCI President.

“You were respondent in the case. You were very much present in the hearing. They were not ex-parte orders and they were passed in your presence,” the bench said.

“We are not here to modify the orders passed by another bench,” it said.

The Supreme Court had earlier directed a probe against Srinivasan which would be conducted by Justice Mudgal Committee. The committee has been directed to file a report in a sealed envelope before the apex court by the end of August.

Veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has been appointed as an interim president of BCCI for managing IPL 7 and Shiv Lal Yadav has also been appointed as an interim president by the apex court to look after the other cricketing activities of BCCI.–PTI

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