Sikh Teen Fabricated Story of Hate Attack
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06 June 2005 The Canadian police in Richmond, British Columbia, has called off an ongoing hate-crime investigation after a 17-year old Indo-Canadian youth admitted to lying about the incident.
On May 26 a Sikh teenager told police that he was attacked by five males whom he described as being Caucasian, in their early twenties. He claimed that they made racial slurs, punched him, knocked him to the ground, held a knife to his jugular, stole his wallet and then cut his hair.

The alleged attack eventually spurred outrage and fear among the Indo-Canadian community. However, on Friday evening the youth admitted to creating this hoax mainly because he wanted to cut his hair but was afraid to deal with his parents.

This disgraceful act was condemned by most Sikhs in BC and many think the youth should be charged. This is the second time in recent months that a youth has made up hate crime stories in order to cut their hair.

The teenager admitted on Friday that the incident never happened, Richmond RCMP said at a news conference Saturday. Cpl. Peter Thiesson told a news conference on Saturday that the teen's wounds were self-inflicted.

"He disclosed to us that in fact he had fabricated the entire incident," Cpl. Peter Thiesson said. "The injuries that we observed on him that required medical attention were self-inflicted, that he cut his own hair and that he disclosed this to no one."

Police wouldn't discuss a possible motive for the incident. They haven't yet decided whether they will press charges.

"I am really sorry for everything that has happened," the teenager, who has asked to remain anonymous, said in a statement released by police on Saturday. "I did not realize that it will become an issue at such a large scale. My sincere apologies to my family, friends, the RCMP and overall community whose feelings I have hurt in this whole ordeal. I have to work very hard to rebuild the trust I lost."

The alleged attack spurred outrage and fear among the Indo-Canadian community.

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