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NEW DELHI: The Delhi Metro said all the upcoming stations in the third phase of its expansion will be designed and constructed as green buildings with provisions for conservation of energy and water, among other things.
"All the upcoming Metro stations under the Delhi Metro's third phase of expansion will be designed and constructed as 'green buildings' with specific provisions for the conservation of energy as well as better CO2 saving, water saving and waste management arrangements," an official statement said.

Phase III will connect Majlis Park (Mukundpur) to Shiv Vihar in Line seven and Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden in Noida in Line eight.

It said the station buildings will have their roofs made with either high reflective materials or landscaped with vegetation to increase energy efficiency, less water consuming plant species for landscaping, insulated building envelopes for improved energy efficiency, adequate ventilation facilities for fresh air, health-friendly paints and adhesives, and low water consuming fixtures.

"Apart from the Metro stations, 12 receiving sub-stations as well as the upcoming residential quarters of the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) will be designed in the same manner," the statement said.

As part of its Phase III is slated to be completed by the end of 2016, 90 new Metro stations will be constructed.

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