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Los Angeles, June 16 (NNN): Almost three out of every 10 jobs in America are being filled by immigrants, a new study has showed.
According to a study by the non-partisan Pew Hispanic Center workers, who are not US citizens claimed 378,496 jobs out of a net increase of 1.3 million from the first three months of 2003 through the first three months of 2004.

The report, published in the Los Angeles Times said that share of jobs going to non-citizens was particularly notable because workers who are not US citizens account for fewer than 9 per cent of all those holding jobs in America.

"The proportion of new jobs captured by non-citizens was much larger than their share of overall employment," the report, which is likely to sharpen the debate about the role of immigrant workers in America, the quality of new jobs and the impact of globalisation, said.

Prepared by labour economist Rakesh Kochhar, the report added: "Thus, the political impact of job gains may be dampened by the fact that non-citizens are benefiting disproportionately from the turnaround in the labour market."

Commenting on the reportís findings, Centreís director Roberto Suro said the "turnaround is being fueled to a substantial extent by the demand for immigrant labour. And as a result, a substantial chunk of the new jobs are going to people who are not voters".

It is worth mentioning here that most economists have tended to minimise the impact of large numbers of immigrants entering the US job market, but the Pew findings may bolster those who challenge that view.

The high proportion of new jobs going to recent immigrants may reflect the fact that the current recovery has thus far been different from most past upturns.

In recent months, as overall job growth has begun to improve, most of the new jobs appear to have come in categories that require relatively low skills and pay relatively low wages by the kinds of jobs for which new immigrants are strong competitors.

In the past, the early stages of economic recoveries have been marked by growth in industrial jobs that pay above-average wages.

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