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BANGALORE: If you like getting stuff delivered at home then this news is for you. Nowadays online shopping websites are very popular for home delivery. Today people are either very lazy or very busy to go to a market for shopping.
If you are working lady and don’t get time to go and buy grocery, the online grocery stores are for you that claims the same day delivery of fresh vegetables, fruits and everything. 33-year old New Delhi PR executive Vinni Aneja says that whenever she needs something she just calls or whatsapp her neighboring grocer and he delivers it at home.

Even medical service is now available at home. Beside ambulance services, hospitals also collect blood, stool and urine samples from home. Metropolis Healthcare in Mumbai is one among them that collect the samples from patient’s home and deliver the report online within 5hours.

Restaurants and hotels are also providing the free home delivery for the customers. They appoint separate staff for home delivery. The beauty salons have home salon facility saying salon on wheels.

This saves our time and energy that we are lacking today. This also saves us from the huge traffic jams as well as the parking problems at the malls. Nowadays we also have the facilities of online payment of bills. Now we don’t need to stand in long queues.

These are old stories, so what is new in trend today? The home delivery services have a new category in the list. It is “the banks”. Yes, the banks also have the home delivery services now. ICICI bank has come up with Bank@home service. Cash withdrawal and deposit, cheque pick-up and demand draft / pay order delivery are available through Bank@Home. It also provides the service of tab banking where you can open an account sitting at home.

With this advancement in technology home delivery services will expand more and more. However not everything will be delivered at home.

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