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ANGALORE: On completion of 30 days in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said he had no luxury of 'honeymoon' period as a "series of allegations" started in less than 100 hours but he feels there are "areas where surely we need to improve".
Looking back, he said "every decision we took has been guided solely by national interest" but here have been some "instances" in the last one month with which the government had nothing to do, "yet these controversies have persisted". He, however, did not specify the controversies.

Modi, former Gujarat chief minister, said "a big challenge" he was facing in Delhi is to "convey to a select group of people about our intentions and sincerity to bring a positive change in this country" and they are "both within and outside government system".

Refusing to blame anybody, he expressed the commitment to take India to "greater heights in the years to come" as he asserted that "my confidence and determination has increased tremendously".

In a blog, he wrote "67 years of previous governments is nothing compared to 1 month but I do want to say that in the last month, our entire team has devoted every single moment for the welfare of the people."

He said "every new government has something that friends in the media like to call a 'honeymoon period.' Previous governments had the luxury of extending this 'honeymoon period' upto a 100 days and even beyond.

"Not unexpectedly, I don't have any such luxury. Forget 100 days, the series of allegations began in less than a hundred hours", he wrote. Referring to the series of meetings he had with ministerial colleagues, chief ministers and officials, Modi said "I feel there are areas where surely we need to improve."

While talking about the controversies and allegations, Modi said "when one is working with the sole aim of serving the nation determinately, these things do not matter. That is why I keep working and that is most satisfying."

The Prime Minister said when he took over a month ago, "I kept thinking that I am new to this place and some people believed that I would take at least a year or even two to learn the intricacies of the working of the central government. Fortunately, a month later that thought does not exist any longer in my mind."

He said the "support and affection" of the people has been overwhelming and "this inspires us to work even harder".

Recalling that on this date 39 years ago the Emergency had been imposed in the country, he said it "stands out as one of the darkest periods in our history and is a grim reminder of the dangers associated with subverting freedom of speech, press, expression and silencing opposition.

"Our democracy will not sustain if we can't guarantee freedom of speech and expression.

"Today is also a day to reaffirm our pledge to safeguard these values and at the same time create strong institutions through good governance so that that we never ever see those dark days again."

Happy over the "fruitful" meetings with CMs and detailed presentations with ministers and officials, he said "together we will take India to greater heights. Due to people's affection, collective experience of ministerial colleagues and support from officials, my confidence level rose tremendously."

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