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BANGALORE: The recent incident of a six-year-old girl student allegedly raped at a prominent school, have once again highlighted the cases of child physical abuse and its prevalence across India.
According to the study jointly carried out by the women and child development ministry and UNICEF, two out of three-school going children in India are a victim of physical abused and 42 percent of children face sexual abuse in some form.

The study also disclosed that children in the age group of 5-12 years have reported higher levels of abuse. As many as 70 percent of the abused child stay quiet about the matter, the study said.

Dr Jitender Nagpal, consultant psychiatrist at Moolchand Hospital exclaimed,"Sexual abuse in school is a reality. More often than not, the perpetrators are the people trusted by children. It can be the bus driver or conductor who picks them up from home or teachers and other staff members," reports The Times of India.

"The first thing is to open up with the child and counsel them about the right and wrong touch. A stranger hugging them tightly or getting too close physically is not normal. The child should be told about it. The abusers should be given maximum punishment under law," Dr Nagpal added.

The first and foremost step towards getting rid of such social evil must be acknowledgement of the situation and the problem faced by the victims.

It is also important to aware children that it could happen anywhere to anyone and that the perpetrators could even be someone whom they trust the most. This is because fifty percent abuses are persons known to the child or in a position of trust and responsibility.

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