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NEW DELHI: Government on Wednesday said more than 27 lakh people living around atomic power plants in the country have been benefited under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) in last three years.
Minister of State for PMO Jitendra Singh said the NPCIL and other project authorities under the administrative control of Department of Atomic Energy carry out neighborhood welfare activities, wherever mandated, under the CSR, in the surrounding areas of projects in accordance with prevailing guidelines of the government.

“NPCIL has estimated the number of people benefited as a result of their CSR activities undertaken in the last three years around atomic power plants to be over 27 lakh,” he said during Question Hour in Lok Sabha.

Singh said the schemes under CSR are designed and implemented based on the needs of the surrounding population and comprise infrastructure development, skill development of the people, support in education and health.

He said welfare programs undertaken by NPCIL and other project authorities under administrative control of DAE over time have led to improved opportunities of livelihood, availability of healthcare, drinking water, education including skill development and infrastructure facilities to the surrounding population.

The Minister said as facilities, assets created under CSR activities continue to be used over a long period of time and the benefits accrued spread across the society, exact objective quantification of such benefits in terms of number of persons benefited from CSR activities is difficult.–PTI

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