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BANGALORE: Ever wondered that a little girl in school could probably be buying a bottle of sunscreen in a supermarket with the consent of her mother? Well yes, this is common now, as consumerism and expanding modernization has sneaked into childrenís lifestyle And is highly influential.
Lotus Herbals' sunscreen for children (5-10) already contributes 12 percent of category sales and growth is rapid. Nitin Passi, director, has this social theory about this: "Families are smaller, parents have more disposable income, and information about specialized products is spreading." Reports Writankar Mukherjee and Ratna Bhushan of The Times of India.

Apart from lotus herbals planning to launch more products under the childrenís category, Piramal Healthcare launched its jungle series perfume for kids. The product just after its launch became a huge success among the kids. Children were attracted towards animal-shaped bottles and fragrances influenced by fruit flavors.

Piramal also crafted an intelligent wrist band for children, which supposedly wards off mosquitoes during play time. Any concerned mother would be keen enough to buy this on account of the safety of their children. As for the children, it is a beautiful wearable mosquito repellant.

With increased improvement in the economic conditions of the average household, kids are paying more attention to personal hygiene, skin care and on presentation. Stylish hair clips, hair bands from various companies are available in the market and are really hard to resist by children and even by adults, when seen glittering on the shelves.

As reported by Writankar Mukherjee and Ratna Bhushan of The TOI, Phillips India director for consumer lifestyle, marketing and personal care,Anurita Chopra is confident that childrenís' products will have a good market in the near future. Urban Indian parents will shell out 5,000 for a light their kids love, Phillips reckons.

With trendy lifestyle and growing need to look more presentable, the kidís product ranges are lined up in the market, which is evident from the stylish apparels, footwears, accessories, toiletries, and even ranges of cosmetic products that are capturing the market. This market is growing and will see a rise in demand in the near future.

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