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BANGALORE: Ever since there have been new stories about the mysterious objects in the universe. This time itís about the middling-sized black hole. An Indian-origin, Dheeraj Pasham studying at University of Maryland Astronomy has discovered and measured the rare black-hole.
According to his research made with two colleagues, he founded the hidden specifications in galaxy M82 that is some 12 million light years away from the earth. The research is published online in the journal Nature on 17 August 2014.

The facts encoded by him are considered worth because universe is considered to have uncountable black holes; itís very difficult to measure them. Milky Way alone is expected to have around 100 million of black holes. The black holes fall into two category namely- big and colossal.

Itís surprising to note that the big ones are about 10-100 times the mass of the sun. On the other hand, the colossal or super massive black holes are shockingly million times the mass of the sun. On this context, Richard Mushotzky UMD astronomy professor and a co-author said, "Objects in this range are the least expected of all black holes, astronomers have been askingódo these objects exist or do they not exist? What are their properties? Until now we have not had the data to answer these questions,Ē reports The Times of India.

" While the intermediate-mass black hole that the team studied is not the first one measured, it is the first one so precisely measured, establishing it as a compelling example of this class of black holes," added Mushotzky.

It is estimated that the black holes are invisible, but they can be figured by the astronomers by tracking their gravitational pull on the other objects. Pasham, will start his post-doctoral research position at Nasa Goddard has recognized six potential intermediate-mass black holes that Nasa's upcoming X-ray telescope NICER might reveal more about the mysteries of black hole.

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