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BANGALORE: The ice bucket challenge has gone viral worldwide with the help of celebrities, top tech officials, and many known and popular faces accepting and donating towards raising awareness and funds for the research for ALS disease, a rare motor neurone disease.
India has come up its own creative and a very apt answer to the ice bucket—the rice bucket challenge.

The idea of this challenge is to help the needy through generosity, adding more value to it. The rice bucket challenge is the brainchild of an Indian woman who took the challenge on Facebook to show a way to help the poor.

The innovative idea was initiated by a Hyderabad-based Manju Latha Kalanidhi, who asked her friends to cook or buy one bucketful of rice and feed the poor in the locality. People can also donate medicines worth 100 to the nearest government hospital.

“it’s local, desi and a practical solution to issues in the vicinity. Instead of wasting water on ice bucket challenge, save water and feed the hungry,” Manju Latha wrote on her Facebook page. Her post has got over 150 responses within 24 hours, and people have started making voluntary donations in their respective localities, reports The Hindu.

With poverty increasing in India, many are suffering from hunger and the Indian rice bucket challenge fits the generous idea of lending a small helping hand out the needy, rather than just emptying a bucket full of water.

After Manju Latha initiated the challenge, the first to take it up was Mr. Vijeye Deyuni and he donated a bucket full of rice to a needy person who earns his daily wages by selling idlis on a bicycle.

Another challenger who took the challenge posted on Facebook saying that he thought Ice Bucket challenge was cool, but he referred the Rice Bucket Challenge as much cooler and congratulated Manju Latha for the great idea and noble thinking. Reports IBN Live.

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