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BANGALORE: A survey on employer branding was conducted among 85 CEOs and business heads, across various companies in India, reports Times of India.
According to a report by Monster India, most organizations spend less than 10 percent of their brand budget on employer branding. Employer branding is the process of promoting a company, as the sum of a company's efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff. It is what makes the company a desirable place to work.

According to the survey, in most of the companies, the HR department forms the employer branding budget and only 22 percent of the companies, which were surveyed engage marketing departments in the budgeting stages. And also the Indian companies maintain to rely on traditional channels for their employer branding. About 78 percent depend on their career site to broaden their brand message, followed by campus outreach programmes, while 40 percent of the companies use print media to advertise employer branding messaging.

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director,, said, "Building an employer brand is like building a brand from its inception stage. A CEO could be an ideal custodian of employer branding. If we look at any established employer brand, we'll find that it is built through a systematic, sustainable effort with active involvement of all stakeholders, driven by the CEO. Our survey among 85 CEOs in Indian organizations reveals that more than 70 percent of organizations spend less than 10 percent of their overall brand budget on employer branding. This indicates a level of unwillingness to take serious steps towards building an employer brand."

In organizations, branding is constantly a top program for the marketing teams, while most of their efforts seem to focus on product branding. Moreover, 46 percent do not seek professional support for marketing employer branding.

Regardless, of the focus there has been an increase in interest and awareness among CEOs on employer branding and CEOs continue to withdraw from business strategies to employer branding.

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