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BANGALORE: India has always been known for its budget-friendly market and money-saving citizens. Spending on luxury and air travel is still done in limited manner in Indian households, though the reducing air fares have caused many Indians to fly domestically.
With recent Cheapest AirAsia flights being introduced in India and thus pushing other airliners to cut their fares too, flying is made comparably cheaper.

A study by GoEuro estimated the cost in $ for travelling 100 km in a particular country by three modes: bus, train and air. The result showed that India is the cheapest place in the world to take a flight.

Giving a surprising result says that train was more expensive compared to any other travelling medium. While train may sound luxurious with its air-conditioned coaches; second and sleeper class fares are still relatively cheaper.

Cost of air travel in India is almost half of that in China ($20.06 or 1,203) and about one thirteenth in the most expensive country in terms of air travel, Finland ($138.90 or 8,334), says the study.

The study pegged the average cost of 100 km of air travel in the UK at $30.45 (1,827) and the U.S. at $13.89 (833).

Most of the domestic carriers in India are losing money due to the fierce competition and high operating costs. The competition among Airlines with fares will see a stronger and fierier battle grounds in near future and is not nearing any point of ease.

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