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Chicago: Sounding more like a Raja-Rishi (saint-politician) rather than a politician per se, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan impressed the audience at an reception organized in his honor by Friends of India Society International (FISI) and Overseas Friends of BJP at the India House Restaurant auditorium in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, By his remarks on governance of Madhya Pradesh interspersed with quotes from scriptures and works from intellectual giants like Shri Sankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda, one got the impression that it was it a socio-political event or a spiritual discourse.The Chief Minister was on an eight-day tour of the US, especially to meet with World Bank officials and other organizations. The India House reception for the CM was attended by 300 plus guests and invitees and all those atending had a feel of a future Prime Minister of India. Among the elites attending were Dr Bharat Barai, Amrit Mittal, Om and Usha Kamaria (of Gandhi Foundation), Sitaram Patel, Sohan Joshi, Rohit Joshi, Prasad Yalamanchi, Kanti Patel, Harendra Mangrola, Richard Benton, an eminent social activist who is working for the welfare and in support of suffering Hindu community Bangladesh, Iftekhar Sharif, Sher Mohammad Rajput and Congressman Joe Walsh. Amrit Mittal introduced the Chief Minister and observed that “We have a grassroots leader who has participated in many of the activities of Sewa, a social organization with a mission and zeal for carrying on humanitarian activities regardless of caste, religion or region. He has been a source of inspiration to the youth and is credited with views that valor and sacrifices make one great and cited leaders like Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Bahadur. Highly appreciating Indians settled in USA, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said he was extremely happy to be amidst them. “I am all the more happy in Chicago, especially because it is a city consecrated by the presence of Swami Vivekananda during the Parliament of Religions. I have a feeling that you are the sons of Immorality, Amritasya Putrah and there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. Therefore I wanted to come to Chicago. I admire you all because of your success and salute you for your love of your mother country, Bharat.” He said, “Bharat and America share many common values like democracy and liberty. We never show distinction among the people and according to our long held belief, the whole world is a single family -Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Equality of all faiths or religions - Sarva Dharma Samanvaya – is the cornerstone of our national character. In India we are taught that righteousness prevails, that is Yato Dharmahstato Jayah. Our prayers are always directed to the humanity as a whole, not self directed. It is based on the Upanishadic idea of Sarve Bhavatu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Ma Kashchit Dhukhbhagbhavet. May all be happy, May all be secured, and no one suffer. Tena tyaktena Bhunjita, i.e., enjoy without attachment.” He continued, “Bharat is growing with a rate of 6 to 7% per annum, despite occasional problems, which is natural because of our size and population. “I believe it is the duty of the government to provide adequate facilities and create proper environment to grow richer and stronger. Today, after eleven 5-year plans growth of M.P. is 11.5%. We are connected to every village by road and electrically. We have 220 thousand hectare land under irrigation. Our aim is to have an integrated 12% growth across M.P. We are one of the fastest growing agricultural community in the nation. We are also endeavoring to become among the fastest growing Industrial economy too.” ” We want young and energetic younger entrepreneurs to set up industries under our guaranteed financial support. M.P. is an ideal destination for all kinds of industries because or 24/7 power availability, and educated and skilled manpower not to speak of the historical, cultural and geographical connectivity with the rest of the nation.” He observed besides being the CM, he was also the CEO of M.P. “We call for global investments so that the economic development must reach all the people with distribution of necessities to all, especially the poor,” he said “We have made it a State policy to create environment for women empowerment. We have set up programs for help towards their education, including uniform, books and transportation. Even help is available for their marriages. In local and state governments 50% seats are reserved for women. In terms of political participation we encourage them to contest in elections. Elders are not ignored.” “Yet another aspect of our national life is pilgrimage to holy places. We have identified 17 holy places, like Nankana Saheb, Mathura, Kashi (Varanasi), Hardwar, Badrinath, etc. M.P. is also the first state to declare “Citizens Charter”. According to that all permts, licenses or help must be received by the citizens within three days from the date of initiating such requests. Failures will be punishable in terms of deductions from their salaries directly at an appropriate level. MP has become one of the first states to introduce computerization of public services, making it more effective.” The Chief Minister informed the audience that the United Nations Organization has recognized M.P. as a Seva State for using technology in governmental services. Besides, special courts are appointed for speedy administration of justice and transparency in governance.
Shivraj Singh Chauhan assured that M.P. will not lag being in its contribution to the development of Bharat. “I am the servant of 7.5 crores people of Bharat, which I consider my temple and I am the priest. It is my dream that Bharat should be among the best countries in the world. I also hope and urge you that you will also work very hard to make the US continue to be the best country in the world. I have already decided that a special NRI Cell will be created to help the NRIs in every way possible. I promise you will not feel lack of help in M.P. ‘Awake and move forward. Stop not till you reach your goal.’ These words of Swami Vivekananda have become our aim and inspiration to march forward and make Madhya Pradesh more prosperous, healthy and happy,” the ebullient Chief Minister concluded as the audience gave a standing and thumping ovation. Shivraj Singh Chauhan had earlier served as General Secretary of BJP and as State President of M.P. BJP. He joined the RSS in 1972. He has been five-time Member of Parliament, representing Vidisha in the Lok Sabha since 1991. At present he represents Budhni, in Sehore District of Madhya Pradesh in the state assembly. Chauhan was born in a Rajput family to Prem Singh Chauhan and Sundarbai Chauhan. He was a gold medalist in M.A. (philosophy) from Barkatllah University, Bhopal. He also participated in underground movement against Emergency during 1976-77 and was imprisoned in Bhopal Jail for some time. Upon arrival in USA he held parleys on issues like health, education, social security, drinking water, rural and urban development and transport with officials of the international financial institution. Later, he took part in a program organized by the Indian Embassy in Washington. The Chief Minister made a presentation in Stanford University’s Hoover Institution on the issue of women’s empowerment and their direct involvement in socio-economic development programs. He also met the International Finance Corporation (IFC) representatives and held discussion on issues such as infrastructure development, non-conventional energy sources and public-private partnership in urban projects. The Chief Minister also addressed a gathering of the US India Business Council (USIBC) on the possibilities of investment in Madhya Pradesh, besides interacting with officials of American universities and Indian journalists and visited Michigan University to meet industrialists from the state. He also paid a visit to the memorial of Swami Vivekanand in Chicago.

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