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Bangalore: Leprosy is a disease that tags along with it a social stigma and as such, it was never easy for the patient to deal with reality. Because of the disease inflicted on them, they now have a new stressing factor which includes the fear of losing their job, social standing, dignity and along with being disowned by family, reports The Hindu.
Secretary of Health and Family Welfare, Keshav Desiraju, said that the number of people affected by the disease in India was huge and the number of new cases of leprosy is very ‘disturbing’. India accounts for 58 per cent of new leprosy cases worldwide.

Recently, Keshav had addressed the launch function of the HEAL (Hire, Educate, Accept Leprosy-affected) India campaign. The campaign launched by the Leprosy Mission Trust India was aimed at clearing out all the misconceptions related to the disease since the disease are now spreading widely and is becoming untamable. Keshav further said that healing, inclusion and dignity is the motto for the campaign. He said, “The Government would do whatever it took to ensure treatment, but we need the cooperation and participation of everyone for shedding the fear of leprosy,” reports The Hindu.

The campaign aims at reaching out to over a million people by engaging corporates, Governments, entrepreneurs, children, schools, celebrities, non-Government organizations with the people affected by leprosy. It also plans to widen opportunities for employment of people affected by leprosy. It could provide them in building their skills and connecting to newer job opportunities through a corporate contract with industry bodies, the trust said.

HEAL India also plans to use celebrities in television shows and music to urge Indians to treat the affected people with dignity and respect. A HEAL anthem will be created by popular musicians and celebrities to draw attention to the issue.

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