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New Delhi, Nov. 4 (NNN): Indian Railways will be extending ‘Tatkal’ (instant) reservation scheme to all Mail and Express trains in both AC and non-AC classes and bookings for the scheme will begin from November 14, it was announced here on Thursday.
Such reservation is presently available in about 100 trains mostly in non-AC class.

With the new scheme commencing on November 14, the availability of Tatkal berths and seats will increase manifold, according to an official release here.

It further said that an air-conditioned classes, the number of berths available for Tatkal booking will increase from the present 700 to about 11,000 berths and seats per day.

The number of berths and seats available in the non-AC classes per day will also go up from the present 6,000 to about 36,000 per day.

The new scheme will cover all important Mail and Express trains by December 31, 2004.

The Tatkal charges for the peak season have been revised. In 2nd AC, the charges would go up from Rs 200 to Rs 300, while in 3rd AC.

The increase would be from Rs 150 to Rs 300, the release said, adding that charges would be Rs 150 instead of earlier Rs 50 in AC Chair Car. In sleeper class, the increase would be from Rs 50 to Rs 150 during peak season.

But during the non-peak season from July 15 to September 15, the charges have been pegged at Rs 200 per berth for 2nd AC and 3rd AC. The charges for AC Chair Car will be Rs 75 and Sleeper Car will be Rs 75, the official release said.

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