Serial Rapist Targetting Asian Women in Calif.
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Sacramento, CA; Nov. 23, 2006 - A serial rapist who is likely responsible for at least nine rapes in Northern California, appears to be targetting Asian women.
The Rapist is described as a man in his late 30s, 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall, 200 to 250 pounds and with light-brown hair. Police sources stated that all of the victims were petite and more than half have been Asian. Surveillance video captured the rapist's white Toyota 4Runner leaving the scene of his latest attack in the Natomas area of Sacramento.

Police said there are 9 possible victims of this serial rapist, with incidents reported in Sacramento, Davis, Chico, Vallejo, Martinez and Rohnert Park. There maybe many more who have chosen to remain quite and hide their pain and suffering.

The victim of a rape which occurred in the Natomas area of Sacramento, October 13th 2006. made the following statement:

"I'm standing here because I believe in justice and I believe that justice will always win in the end. I hope you do to."

"Put a visual in your head of yourself being stalked by a total stranger unknowingly, having a gun pointed to your head, and being tied up inside your own home while being repeatedly threatened with your own life and raped for hours," she said.

The unidentified woman’s nightmare began right after she arrived at her Natomas home from work. She said a man broke into her home, put a gun to her head and tied her up. Then he waited for her roommate to return and tied her up as well. The victim said her attacker stayed in their home for hours threatening and repeatedly raping them.

Sacramento police say the women were victims of the "Nor Cal" rapist, a man that DNA has linked to nine other attacks in five cities dating back to 1991. The rapist has been targeting women in their 20s and 30s. He initially went after white women, but he has more recently attacked Asian women.

Investigators said the man often stalks his victims, familiarize himself with their routine and then attacks them. He has also been known to take his victims' ATM cards. He is often apologetic with his victims. He even called one victim by phone days after an attack.

The Asian Peace Officer’s Association has offered a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of this individual.

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