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Lucknow/ Kanchipuram, Nov. 24 (NNN): In a significant development, Union Law Minister Hansraj Bharadwaj on Wednesday said that a CBI inquiry into the Shankaracharya case would help given the row surrounding the case even as in a new twist to the murder case, the main accused Kathiravan has now said he was tortured by the police and forced to implicate the Kanchi seer.
Kathiravan said he was kept under illegal custody by police from November 3 before he was produced in a court on November 9 for remand.

He said during his submission in court, the police compelled him to endorse whatever they said in the case.

CBI Probe: Meanwhile, the Union Law Minister has said that a CBI inquiry into the Shankaracharya case would help given the controversy surrounding the case.

He however said that it was up to the Tamil Nadu government to ask for a CBI inquiry. "Whether or not the case goes to the CBI is for the Tamil Nadu government to decide. There's no harm in a CBI inquiry specially if the controversy around it increases.

Public confidence can only increase as this will be an independent inquiry. So there's no harm in it," the minister said in Lucknow. Bharadwaj said there was a petition seeking a CBI inquiry into the Seer's case currently pending in the Supreme Court and added that the government would abide by the direction of the court.

Concurring with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's recent statement calling for better treatment to the Seer, the minister, however, said that there could not be different laws for different people.

Mutt: Meanwhile, the Kancheepuram Mutt has questioned the timing of the second case of attempt to murder against the Shankaracharya. "It is a two-year-old incident. I do not know why they are bringing it up now," said Mani, a spokesperson for the Kanchi Mutt.

"The first FIR did not even mention the Mutt or Swamiji. Only the police or those who are being influenced can tell if the timing is relevant," he added.

On the other hand, 14 religious heads of South Indian mutts met in Bangalore today said that "No one was above the law, not even religious heads".

However, they objected to the manner in which the Shankaracharya had been arrested and demanded that the seer be granted immediate bail and placed under house arrest.

Politics on the issue go on and the BJP has asked the Centre to intervene in the Kanchi issue as it is becoming increasingly clear that the Tamil Nadu government's motives for arresting the religious head were malafide.

The DMK chief added that the second case against the Shankaracharya proves that there is a political agenda behind the seer's arrest. "Whatever I had said about this case seems to be coming true with the second case being registered against him," Karunanidhi said.

A fresh case was filed against the seer on Tuesday night, for his alleged role in an attempt to murder former Mutt aide Radhakrishnan two years back.

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