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Kuala Lumpur, Nov. 25 (NNN) : A leading ethnic Indian politician in Malaysia has blamed Bollywood films for encouraging many in her community to commit suicide or turn to alcohol.
G Vimalah Nair says many Malaysians of Indian origin are trapped in poverty and face family break-ups.

A recent spate of suicides and gruesome family killings had promptedsome to lay part of the blame at the door of the Indian film industry.

Indian movies encourage people to take the easy way out, she said.For thousands of Malaysians of Indian origin, movies are not just a main source of entertainment, they are a means of escape from lives often constrained by poverty and marred by violence.

Vimalah, who heads the Women's Development Bureau of the MIC, the community's main political party, says that Bollywood films leave many impressionable young people with unattainable dreams.

She wants movie makers to set a better example.In contrast with Bollywood's glamour, romance and extravagant dance sequences, Tamil films are far more gritty.

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