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Bangalore: Itís no more just Indian students travelling abroad for higher education, but there are international students who are now opting for India for various courses. What attracts these international students to India?
It is observed that this trend of international students coming to India is growing and began way back in the 1950s with schemes like the ICCR scholarships, etc. The scheme offered 20-30 international students a chance to pursue higher studies at public universities at Pune, Delhi and Mysore, reports Merril Dinniz for This number is now noted to have increased to about 3,000. Many private universities have international students on their campuses.

There are ample reasons why India is the chosen study destination. The international students feel at home as these universities celebrate diversity. On October 1 this year, a special day for Nigerian students, two institutes observed Nigeria's 52nd year of independence. Dr Anil Sarin, Professor & Dean, Faculty of International Programmes, MRIU was quoted by ďThe Nigerian students appreciated the gesture, and after that there was significant warmth in the behaviour of Nigerian students towards the Indian students, and teachers in particular."

Further in VIT University they celebrated the Chinese New Year for the benefit of Chinese students on campus, who make one of the large sections of international students at VIT.

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