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Mumbai, Dec. 1 (NNN) : The Nationalist Congress Party has expressed unhappiness at the appointment of S M Krishna as Maharashtra Governor.
Using the same argument as the Shiv Sena, the NCP has said that Krishna is unsuitable because as chief minister of Karnataka he had backed his home state in the Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute.

"On the issue of the border dispute there is uncertainity over whether he will take Karnataka or Maharashtra's side. This is a sensitive issue and we are unhappy," NCP state unit chief Arun Gujarathi said.

Reacting to the charge, Congress state chief Prabha Rao said, "If this starts happening everyday then the alliance will not be as strong as it should. In order to keep such issues to a minimum we are looking for solutions.

The NCP had earlier accused the Congress of not consulting it in the matter of appointment of the governor.

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