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Bangalore: Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms are increasing used by the people nowadays. The Social medias are considered as a communication tools wherein people share, exchange or create ideas. Keeping a tab on this latest trend, brands are trying out these platforms to know their consumers better through their interests in products and reported by Economic Times Bureau.
Earlier it was all about attracting consumers and acquiring large number of fans but today brands focus on the consumer requirements in order to leverage their business. Some of the major brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline New York are doing the offline sale of their newly launched products through an app in the facebook. People get attracted to these brands through the Facebook community and buy these products.

Similarly some of the private banks like ICICI bank have come out with a new and unique app in facebook wherein people can carry out some of their banking services here. Shoppers Stop is another brand which has around 5 million fans in media; they run these coupon offers which attract the consumers onlinewhich leads to shopping spree. "The end objective is about engaging fans and converting this to loyalty by getting them to buy more and more often," shares Vinay Bhatia, customer care associate and senior vice-president, marketing and loyalty — Shoppers Stop, as reported in Economic Times.

Not only Facebook, but multiple platforms are getting important, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vine, and Interest .and others— forcing organizations to have a diversified content strategy, shares Vivek Bhargava, CEO, iProspect-Communicate2. The brands are now listening to the needs of their customers and taking certain action to fulfill those needs, in turn increase the marketing of their product. Not just listening to the customers but they are also responding fast so that they don’t lose them.

Gone are the days when Television was the only media for these brands to reach their customers, now it’s all about social media.

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