English Poem Love Birds   by: vaishali b   
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Early in the morn,
during the existence of fog,

Got up two Love Birds,
to worship their Love.
They left their nest
with great happiness,
Why? b'coz the two souls
were going to meet.
They travelled a long distance,in order to,
have a glimpse of
loving friend.
Alas! they were there, in front of
each other,
having a glance on beloveds
celestial face.
All fatigue swayed away,
which had made the beloved fade.
Emotions had overflowed already,
at that moment,
when their heart had met.
Both the lovers were lost in
the world of cerulean eyes,in which,
emotions were lit.
And then, emerged an 'Ocean Of Love'
along with the flow of breeze.
Flowers were smiling, filling the bird's breadth
with fragrance.
This beatific pair flew in the 'Loveland',
with great adherence for each other and
with a wish to have a chronicle
of their own.
And they lived in their loving Cosmos
with a bliss,

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