English Poem Unknown   by: kavitha kollath   
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Now I remember,
I’ve written something in my heart

But never turned to read it again
And never thought of reading it.
Now, Such a long time passed
I can feel something numb in there inside
I was in search of that
And found it , was that……….
But too late to read it
As we are going to part…..
Trying to recollect – that moonlit night
We were shy to share our thoughts
though we were not face to face
A long silence…and a long distance kept us apart
We tried to keep each other dumb
Never knew that it will give me agony when time passes
Why didn’t I tell you?
Why didn’t you tell me?
Still why did I write it in my heart
Oh! I should not have to
Should not I have to
Search for it again?
Should not I have to recollect that moonlit night…
I should not have to read it again……

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