Short-Story Is this love?   by: Saurabh Jayant   
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This is a story about a man named Raj Malhotra. He was the son of a very known industrialist, Yash Malhotra. Yash had his firms all over India. However, Raj decided not to follow his father’s footsteps. He chose to instead stand on his own feet by getting education at the university. Raj was an introverted, shy, and obedient person. He never talked back to his parents and never questioned their judgments. This is the reason why Yash loved his son Raj so much.

Raj was a top student at University. He had many friends, but his best friend was Rohit Aryan. Rohit and Raj were best friends since first grade. They both came to University together and studied the same subject. Raj shared all his problems with Rohit. And Rohit shared all his problems with Raj. They sometimes fought but they were best friends. Raj also secretly loved a girl named Nisha.

Nisha went to the same University as Raj. She had most classes with Raj. However, they never talked to each other. She was the daughter of rival industrialist of Yash Malhotra. Her father’s name was Rahul Saxena. Rahul Saxena knew Yash Malhotra since childhood. They both were always competent towards each other. They never liked the other’s progress. That is why, every time one company achieves a milestone, the other one follows it after. Hence, both industrialists became very successful in life but still arch enemies.

Raj being so shy, never had the guts to tell Nisha anything. He couldn’t tell her how much he loved her. He always went up to her but passed by in sweats of being nervous. She on the other hand, was very strong woman. She was a very modern girl, with modern ideologies. She wore western clothing and enjoyed her freedom. Everyone wants to be with her, but she doesn’t like anyone.

Soon the graduation came. Everyone graduated. Raj, Rohit, and Nisha applied at the same job. Coincidentally, all of them got hired at the same location. Raj was happy to be still seeing Nisha after college. However, he couldn’t ever let her know about his feelings.

One day Raj tried to go talk to Nisha. He goes close to her and then comes back. He does that a lot of time. Suddenly, Nisha notices Raj. Then Raj gets enough courage and goes near her and tells her that he went to same university as her. Gradually, they both start talking about University. Finally, they shake hands in the name of friendship. Raj happily departures from the scene. Raj was so happy that day. He had finally become her friend. He couldn’t stop telling Rohit about it. Rohit was delighted to hear that his friend is overcoming his weaknesses.

The next day, Nisha was off for lunch. She meets Raj at the door, who was waiting for her for 10 minutes. He doesn’t tell her that he was waiting for her. He tells her that he was waiting for Rohit but he didn’t show up. But the reality was, Raj had told Rohit to go eat lunch by himself ten minutes ago.

Raj and Nisha go to near by café for lunch. Raj and Nisha order the same thing. They were surprised they have the same taste. Then they start talking. Raj kept quiet and listened to Nisha. He loved her voice. Suddenly, the conversation took a twist. Nisha says that she is tired of men obsessed by her looks. She says that every boy comes to her and tells her that he loves her. She says its disgusting how the men don’t really know her that well and still want to be with her for her looks. Raj realized at that time, that it won’t be safe to tell her about his feelings, so he kept his mouth shut. And everyday, both Raj and Nisha went to the café for lunch and sometimes even Rohit would accompany them.

Yash Malhotra, on the other hand, had started looking for his son’s bride. Even after being so rich, he wanted his son to marry a girl named Paro, from a village of Bihar. Yash wanted Raj’s wife to be good cultured so she can maintain all the traditions.

Paro was the daughter of Yash’s childhood friend, Rajesh Yadav. Rajesh and Yash were best friends and kept in touch while Yash became very rich and Rajesh remained the milk man. Rajesh wasn’t poor, he was rich with Indian Culture. He had two daughters. The elder was Paro and the younger one was Madhuri. Rajesh lived in a small house with his mother and his wife.

One day Yash finally opens the story to his son, Raj. He tells him that he has found a girl named Paro to be his bride. He tells him everything about her. She was twelfth pass. She knew how to cook, wash clothes, clean the house, and is not influenced by foreign trends. Raj some how found the courage to tell him that what if he didn’t like her. Yash tells him that he is Raj’s father and he won’t do anything that is not rewarding for Raj. And then Yash says that Raj has to marry Paro, he doesn’t have any other choice. Being so obedient, Raj reluctantly agrees and leaves the scene.

Raj meets Rohit at his house that evening. He tells Rohit about his marriage. Then Rohit asks him if he loves Nisha. Raj replies in a yes. And they both talk about this issue. Rohit asks Raj if he had told his father that he loved Nisha. And Raj tells him that his father didn’t give him any choice. And so they kept on thinking about the solution to this problem. Finally Rohit, being smarter than Raj, explains to Raj a plan to could end up breaking his marriage with Paro. He explains to Raj that if somehow he can go to Paro’s house and tell them bad things about Raj, maybe then they wouldn’t want Paro to marry Raj. Raj was so glad to hear this idea. But then Rohit says that in that time, Raj has to convince Nisha to marry Raj. And so both plan this whole situation.

Rohit starts his plan. The next day he comes to Yash’s house. Raj and Yash welcome Rohit into the house. Rohit explains to Raj, in front of Yash, that he is going to Bihar for some business reasons. Raj also acts like he didn’t plan any of this. Raj asks if Rohit found a place to live in Bihar. And by plan, Rohit says No he hasn’t. Innocently, Raj asks his father, “do you know any place where Rohit can spend a month?” And Yash, knowing only Rajesh, tells Rohit to stay at Rajesh place. He tells Rohit about Raj’s marriage, and Rohit tries to look surprised. Yash tells Rohit to look at Paro and tell Raj how good she will be. And after completing the first step of their plan, both friends leave with joys.

At the job, Raj was talking to Nisha. It has been more than a month since Nisha and Raj had started talking. Raj tells Nisha that his marriage is fixed but he doesn’t love that woman. He tried to give her hint that he loves someone from his job. Nisha, couldn’t understand the hint, thinks Raj is in love with someone else at the job. Maybe she didn’t want to understand at that time. Raj backs off a little because he doesn’t want to destroy his friendship with Nisha.

Next day Rohit packs up his bags. Raj comes to his door with the address given by Yash. Raj hands Rohit the address and wishes him luck. Rohit was all set to tell Rajesh family lies after lies about Raj. He didn’t want his friend to suffer for his life time. They both go to the Train Station. Rohit gets on the train and waives as Raj waives back.

Rohit reaches Bihar with all messed up hair and wrinkled clothing. Rajesh was at the station to pick him up. Rohit recognizes Rajesh from the picture shown by Yash. Rohit goes home with Rajesh. When Rajesh started talking about the business, Rohit started talking about the weather. Rohit talked about here and there to avoid any questions about business. And soon Rohit and Rajesh arrived home.

Rajesh’s daughter, Paro, opened the door. Rohit saw Paro and couldn’t believe Raj didn’t want to marry her. Rohit was so amazed by the looks of Paro. Paro was a perfect Indian girl. Rajesh’s mother welcomed Rohit into the house. She was glad that Rohit had come to visit them. She too wanted to know about her soon to be grand son in law. Rajesh’s mother also welcomed Rohit into the home. Paro’s younger sister, Madhuri, also came over with a glass of water to welcome Rohit. Rohit was so flattered to be at this house, as this house showed the culture and traditional values.

Rohit started talking about Raj in the next whole month. He tried to tell them that Raj is the worst valued person. He has adopted western culture. He doesn’t respect his father. He only agreed to marry Paro because Yash threatened to take away all his wealth from him. He also tells them that he smokes cigarettes, he drinks, and goes to night clubs.

While trying to break his friends marriage, he had started to fall in love with Paro. He didn’t know since when, but he started loving Paro. Paro, also disgusted by Raj’s profile, starts to think why couldn’t Raj be as good as Rohit. Rohit won everyone’s heart in the house in one month.

On the other hand Raj had become better friends with Nisha. He had started to pick her up in the morning for the job and drop her off. They ate lunch together and talked daily. They became really best friends.

One Sunday, Raj goes to Nisha’s house. Her father, Rahul Saxena, opens the door. Nisha comes after her father and introduces Raj. Rahul Saxena was shocked that his rival’s son is friends with his daughter. Rahul was glad that Raj had shook hands in friendship with Nisha, as Rahul also wanted to be friends with Yash and end the unnecessary rivalry. Raj collects all the courage to ask Nisha out to movie. And Nisha agrees and they both leave to movies as Rahul gives permission.

Nisha and Raj watch the movie. Raj was looking at Nisha, while Nisha was watching movie with interest. Knowing that Raj is looking at her, she orders him to look at the screen. And obedient Raj watches the movie even after being bored.

After the movie, Nisha decides that she wants to go buy some clothes. Raj follows Nisha as she wonders around the aisles looking for a dress. After hour or two, Nisha finally found a perfect dress. Raj was so relieved when Nisha finally found a dress. They finally come out of the shopping mall.

It was night time, the moon had arrived. They were driving by the beach, when Raj stops the car. He gets out of the car and parks it near a Ice Cream stand. He orders one Ice cream for Nisha. He hands it to her and sits in front of her. He watches Nisha enjoying ice cream. Nisha asks if Raj wanted a bite, but the shy Raj couldn’t admit that he wanted a bite. He just leans forwards and then Nisha teasingly puts the cone on Raj’s nose. Then she runs to the beach. Raj tries to catch her, but she was too fast. And finally Nisha slows down. Raj finally catches up. He stops her and looks her in the eyes. He gathers all the courage to tell her that he loves her. Nisha’s mood changes all of a sudden. She becomes serious. She tells Raj that he is just another one of the men. He too did what other have done. He too fell in love with her outer image. Raj explains that he is not one of the other guys. But Nisha wouldn’t listen. She stops a taxi and goes home. Raj stood in the moon light, alone and disheartened.

Rohit was still in Bihar with Rajesh’s family. Rohit had started loving Paro. Paro too liked Rohit much better than Raj. The family had started to dislike Raj. One week was left to the month in Rohit’s stay at Rajesh’s house.

Yash informs Rajesh that Raj and him are coming next week for engagement ceremony. Rajesh bound with his friendship, couldn’t say no to his friend Yash, even after being brain washed by Rohit.

Raj depressed from his love affair and his father’s decision, goes on leave from job. He knew that Nisha would never talk to him again for what he has done. His mental conditions became abnormal. He would close all the windows and stare at the ceiling in day time. He would turn off the light at night time but wouldn’t sleep. He hardly ate, but kept thinking about Nisha. His beard was fully grown by the end of the week.

Rohit on the other hand was worried if Raj’s wedding goes as planned. He didn’t want Paro to marry Raj for two reasons now. First being reason being that Raj doesn’t want to marry her and second reason being that Rohit loves her. Rohit was amazed that these people would do anything for the honor of their elders. It was the Indian culture and traditions that made them do this. When Rohit manipulated Raj’s characteristics again, Rajesh’s family told Rohit that Raj will change after marriage for Paro. Rohit’s mouth was shut. But Paro didn’t want to marry Raj anymore. She wanted to marry Rohit for being opposite of Raj.

One week was over. It was Sunday. The engagement ceremony was in the evening. Raj and Yash come to Rajesh’s House. Rohit opens the door. Raj was shaved and well dressed. He was totally torn from inside. He was just a puppet now, he was controlled by his father and rejection from his love. He just wanted to get the whole thing over with. Rohit looked at Raj with bitterness. He felt that Raj didn’t have guts to tell Nisha about his love. He takes Raj from Yash’s custody to his room, which was the guest room. He asks Raj if he had done anything to get Nisha. And Raj says that he did everything but it didn’t work out. Rohit tells Raj that he loves Paro and couldn’t see Raj marrying her. Raj tells Rohit that he sent Rohit to Bihar to break the marriage, not to make any relationships. Both start to blame each other for the failure of their plan. Then both stopped talking each other and Raj leaves the room.

Everything was set. The guests were gathered. Raj was ready and Paro, being a villager girl, couldn’t say no to her father’s will. Yash hands Raj a ring to put on Paro’s finger. Rajesh hands Paro a ring to put on Raj’s finger. Raj’s heart was crushing. Paro’s eyes were wet. Paro puts the ring in Raj’s hand. And Raj closes his eyes in pain. He remembers Nisha for the last time. Rohit looks at Raj with more bitterness because not only that Rohit loves Paro, he also knows that Raj will never love Paro as much as Nisha. Raj’s hand, holding the ring, moves towards the hand of Paro. And Suddenly someone say stop from the back of the guests. It was none other than Nisha, with her father Rahul Saxena.

Nisha tells Raj that her eyes were opened in the last week when Raj was not present. She realized that Raj was not like any other men. She missed his company in the morning, in lunch, and in the evening. She realized that she shared so much with Raj that she had never shared with anyone. She realized that Raj suppressed his own feelings for a long time to carry on their friendship. She realized that he never said no to anything she had asked for. But Nisha just couldn’t notice that Raj really loved her. Her father got her information on where the Malhotra’s had went, that is to Bihar. And They took a flight to come at this place so they can stop this engagement from taking place.

Raj was the happiest man on earth at this time. He stopped putting the ring on Paro’s hand and puts it in Nisha’s. Yash Malhotra couldn’t do anything but be happy to see a rival Industrialist come all the way to get his daughter married to his son. But he was worried what would happen to Paro. Rohit steps up and tells them that he loves her and wants to marry her. Rohit also explains that all the thing he said were lies just to get his friend get true love of his life. Rajesh asks if Paro wants to marry Rohit, and she happily agrees. Everything went great for Raj, Nisha, Rohit and Paro. Yash and Rahul combined their industries to make the super industry. And everything was better than ever……

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