Short-Story My precious two Arms   by: Saurabh Jayant   
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This story takes place in a village called Sundar Nagar. The whole beauty of this village was its widely spread farms. One can see farms going into the infinite depth of the view. Because of the farms, the majority of the people living in Sundar Nagar were farmers. One of the farmers was Balram Malhotra. He was a very well known farmer who owned a farm of rice. He was not very rich, hence he had struggled all his life to maintain a standard of living. His wife passed away when his children were very young. He had two daughters, Nisha and Shashi. Although Raj was illiterate, he always wanted his children to get education. He could only afford to educate Nisha further. He couldnít afford to educate Shashi. As a result, Shashi stopped after failing tenth grade.

Nisha was the elder daughter. She was admitted to Law College outside of Sundar Nagar. She always wanted to be a Lawyer and fight for the rights of the poor. As a result, She left Sundar Nagar to College with only memories of the village. Balram would send Nisha hard earned money every month. And Nisha studied to bring her father out of the poverty.

Balram, on the other hand, took help from Shashi in farming. She was a little bit immature for her age. In reality, Balram didnít take her to farming for help but just to keep her busy. If he wouldnít take her to farming with him, she would go out and play with children half her age. As a result, she ends up making more mess in Balramís work. But Balram didnít mind. He wanted to get his daughters married as soon as Nisha finishes her degree, as the elder one will be married first.

At the College, Nisha couldnít find a place to live. The dormitory cost too much for Raj to afford. She looked around at apartments to live but all were already filled. Then one day she found an add in the college news board. There was one room available in one house. She calls there and talks with Raj.

Raj shared a room with Rohit, in the house of two rooms. Raj and Rohit lived in one room, while they were looking for a room mate to live in the other room. Luckily Raj and Rohit found Nisha, who also needed a room to stay in.

Nisha arrives at the door. Raj opens up and keeps on looking at her. Nisha tells Raj that she is looking for a place to live. And Raj welcomes her. He tells her that she doesnít need to fear of him because her room is very far away from his room. There is a bathroom, a kitchen and a storage between their rooms. He assures her that her rooms exit is close to the main exit to the house. In addition his room is all the way in the back.

After listening to Raj talking rampantly about the house being safe for her, Nisha agrees to live there. They shake hand and Rohit enters the room in which they were talking. Raj introduces Rohit to Nisha. Then Nisha asks why does he share room with Rohit. Then Raj explains that his family is not very rich, hence, he canít afford to live by himself in one room. Then Nisha also explains that she also canít afford to live by herself in one room. Rohit tells her not to worry as Rohit too has found a lady to move in with her. He tells them that Paro will move in next week. Nisha finally takes a satisfied breath and looks around the house.

After a month, Balram receives a letter from Nisha. Balram calls Shashi to read the letter. She wrote that she has found a place to live. She explains that its really nice and safe place with two men and another girl. Balram gets really worried about the fact his daughter is living with two boys. He tells Shashi to purchase a letter to write Nisha back. Shashi brings a letter. He orders Shashi to write as he dictates. In the letter, He tells her that he is coming to her college to see how well are the boys.

Nisha is really worried if her father will like her house mates when she gets the letter. She tells Raj and Rohit to behave in front of her father. Raj and Rohit agreed to behave like the best students in the college. Raj and Rohit were good students anyway.

Balram comes to the house with Shashi. He looks around for cigarette, alcohol, or drugs in the boys room. When he didnít find anything, he was really satisfied. But then he noticed something. He noticed the picture of Dr. Ambedkar on the wall. He began to think that Raj or Rohit belong to the untouchable caste. Rohit and Raj come back to the house, while Balram was looking at the picture. Balram asked Raj and Rohit if they belonged to Schedule caste. Nisha tells Balram to stop asking questions like that. However, Raj spoke up. He tells Balram that he belongs to the untouchable caste. Rohit tells Balram to calm down because caste system is nonsense. But Balram didnít listen. He orders Nisha to take her stuff out of the house.

Nisha takes Balram out of the house. She explains to him about the housing conditions. She tells him that is it very difficult to find a place to live in this city. Balram cools down. Nisha tells him that Raj is a good person. She advocates his goodness to Balram. She tells him that he guaranteed her safety in the house. Balram tells Nisha to find another place to live. Nisha tells him that she will as soon as there are spaces available. And Balram comes back into the house, for the sake of her daughterís living place, and apologizes to Raj. Raj forgives and Nisha goes to drop off Balram and Shashi at a bus stop.

Nisha comes back to the house. Raj, Rohit, Paro and Nisha sat in the living room. They were amazed that people today still discriminate on the basis of caste. Raj starts telling everyone what bad times Schedule caste had went through. He explains that his caste people were treated worse than animals back in the day. He thanked Dr. B R Ambedkar for bringing equal status for his people. But then he was disappointed that people still act like people back in the days. Rohit reminds Raj that atleast they are all friends. And so Nisha too asks for forgiveness but Raj tells her that it was not her fault. They all go eat out to get in better mood.

Balram was still worried about his daughter. He hoped she would find another place as soon as possible. Balram puts his hands on his head. Shashi brings water to Balram. Balram drinks it and he sees Shashi running down the street to play with other kids on the street. He couldnít wait to get her married.

Years go by. Nisha became more friendly with Raj. She would come home during the end of the year and she would call Raj to talk to him. However, she did that secretly so Balram wouldnít know she is talking to him. And at the end of the vacation, she would happily return back to college life.

One Sunday evening Raj offered Nisha to a movie. He tells her that Rohit and Paro will also accompany them if she feels unsafe with him. Nisha tells Raj that she doesnít feel unsafe with him at all. Rohit, knowing that Raj wants to go to movie with Nisha only, tells Nisha and Raj that he got a stomach ache. Paro also notices that Raj and Nisha got something going on. She tells them that she has to prepare for an exam. Hence, Raj and Nisha end up going to the movie by themselves.

At the theater, Raj looks at Nisha. He would keep on looking at Nisha during the movie. Nisha would ask him what he is looking at. Everytime Raj would ask if Nisha wants anything to drink or eat. And Nisha always said yeah. First time, he got her popcorn. Second time, he got her soda. Third time, he got her some candy. Then he was running out of things to buy her. And Nisha asked what Raj was looking at again, even after knowing Raj was looking at her. She knew Raj liked her. Raj asks her again if she like something. She tells him to buy an ice cream. And goes Raj to buy an ice cream.

He returns with one cone of ice cream. Nisha asks if Raj would like to have a bite. Raj says of course. She lends him the cone to have a bite. But Raj keeps on taking bite after bite and eventually finishing the ice cream, still looking at Nisha. Nisha smiles and they both knew what was happening but kept quiet and left the theater as the movie ended.

On the way home, Raj and Nisha stop by the beach. Raj tells Nisha that itís the best time to come to a beach. There are only a few people and the weather is nice too. They walk on the beach and look at the moon. They were walking but were far away from each other. Raj stops. He comes closer to Nisha and tells her that he really loves her. Nisha was shocked that Raj was so open about this. However, she too loved him. They hug in the moon light. And from shaking hands, they were now holding hands on the beach.

The year had ended. They only had one more year left to graduation. Raj was so saddened to see Nisha pack up and ready to leave. He couldnít do anything but propose to her. And so he did. And Nisha was sad because she had to ask her father first. Raj tells her that he will come to her town to ask her hand from her father. Nisha leaves to home as Raj waves at her.

On the way home, Nisha thought about Raj. She thought that it will be impossible to make her father understand this. Her father was a very known farmer in the village. The community will look down to him if he would agree to let his daughter marry a Schedule caste boy. She was so worried about the consequences of Rajís arrival at her house.

Balram was so happy to see Nisha come back. He tells her that he has never seen her that much happy before. Balram had seen a boy for Nisha whose name was Rahul. He was anxious to tell her about her engagement with Rahul. When he does, Nisha doesnít say anything and leaves the room.

Nisha talks to Shashi about Raj. Shashi being very immature couldnít understand the feeling Nisha had for Raj. Shashi leaves the room after listening to her sister. She goes out to the alley and play with other kids on the street. Nisha looks at Shashi and wished she could play just like her without any tension.

On the other hand, Raj gets permission from his family. He comes to Nishaís house with his parents. Balram was shocked when he saw Raj and his family. Nisha watched from inside as Raj and family sat in the living room. Balram wondered why did the boy come at his house. Rajís father tells Balram that Raj and Nisha go to the same college. They wish to get married and that is why they were there. Balram gets up in a shock. He tells Rajís father that it was alright for Nisha to live with Raj because other people lived in the house. However, it is not possible for them to get married because Raj belongs to a lower caste. In marriage, caste is looked upon first before anything. Rajís father gets angry at his but controls himself and tries to bring sense into Balram. He tells him that we are all humans. Then Balram tells him that we are all humans but we live in society. The society doesnít allow inter caste marriages. Rajís father feels insulted. Rajís parents get up and leave. Raj was still sitting and he also tries to explain to Balram, but Balram didnít listen. Raj didnít want to leave but was forced by both Balram and Rajís father.

Balram gets really mad at Nisha for bringing shame to his name in the society. He never looked at her with that much bitterness before. He tells her that she canít leave him while he is alive. He tells her that if she wants to see him looked down in the society, then she can leave and marry Raj. He also tells her that if she leaves, she can never come back in his house, as he doesnít want to have any relations with lower caste people. Balram also tells her if She chooses to stay, she must quit college and marry Rahul before her love affairs news gets out in the society.

Raj was so mad at his father for not even trying hard enough. He tells them that he really wants to marry her. But Rajís father didnít listen. He explains to him that the society doesnít allow them to marry each other. He explains that even after the hard work done by great leader, such as Gandhi and Ambedkar, India is still separated by religion and caste. Raj didnít know what to do. He didnít want to go against his family but he did want to marry Nisha. However, his father told him that it would be better to forget her. She will marry someone in her own caste and will live happily. Raj didnít want to do that at all.

Raj plans to run away from the so called society with Nisha. But this would only cause pain to both families. Raj didnít know what to do. All his doors were close shut on his face. He tries over and over to make Balram understand. However, Balram ended up calling the police on Raj. Raj couldnít come close to Balrams house or he would get arrested. Raj finally decides its in best interest of everyone if he left the place. He moves back to his college to finish his education.

Nisha, in the village, gets engaged with Rahul. She missed Raj every moment. She couldnít do anything either. She couldnít imagine living without Raj. One week after her engagement with Rahul, Nisha wrote a letter to Raj. She gave it to Shashi and told her to mail it after a year, when Raj will be done with his education because she didnĎt wanted him to complete his education before reading the letter.

A year goes by. Raj had finished his education. He had become a lawyer. Shashi, more mature and silent than ever, sent the letter to Raj. Raj gets the letter. He was so shocked when he heard Nisha got engaged. He collapsed when he read further that this was her last letter as she had taken poison. She didnít want to live without Raj. All Rajís dream were shattered in a moment. He was taken to the hospital where he lay in a coma.

On the contrary, Balram was a lost man. He lost his child, his name in the ďsocietyĒ, his respect and everything he had. The only thing he had was the piece of land, which was worthless because it didnít rain the past year. He had no money and Shashi was getting old enough to get married. He realized despite being so poor he was rich because of his lively children. Now one had passed away and the other had adopted silence.

Balram starts to look for a relationship for his daughter, Shashi. He looked in all higher caste people in his society. No one wanted to make relations with Balram because of his elder daughterís deeds. They didnít want to have any relations with someone who had suicide in the house for the marriage with lower caste people. Also, Balram didnít have anything to give in the traditional dowry. Balram felt so helpless as he couldnít find anyone for his daughter Shashi. Shashi didnít care much as she was still shocked from her sisterís death.

One day, Rahul shows up at Balramís house. He married a girl after the death of Nisha. However, he divorced her due to some problems with that girl. Rahul asks Balram for Shashiís hand. Balram, knowing that he is the only one, agrees to his proposal. However, Rahul wanted that piece of land that Balram owned as a gift, also known as dowry. Balram wanted to do anything for his daughter. Helplessly he agrees to Rahulís proposal.

Under a few months, Shashi gets married to Rahul. Rahul couldnít believe how Balram had changed. He would rather send his daughter to a divorcee than to a lower caste good human being. Rahul took control of the land given to Balram and starts to farm there, as Rahul didnít have any other job. All Balram had was his few savings and his house. Rahul hired Balram to work at his land so Balram could get living.

It had been a year since Raj went into Coma. Rohit and Paro, now married, came to Raj to look at him. They couldnít believe Raj, a happy man once, was now in coma.

Rahul had started having problems with Shashi. He thought Shashi was too immature. They had arguments every night. Rahul would get violent at Shashi and she would cry for help. She would pray to Nisha for help as she was always there to help her when she was young. She knew that somewhere Nisha is listening.

Eventually, Rahul kicks Shashi out of his house because the fight became a head ache for him, just like his previous marriage. Shashi moves to Balramís house. Rahul didnít return Balramís land back because he couldnít lose a source of income. It had rained this year and the harvest season was coming soon. Balram was so upset he cursed his decision of not allowing his daughter marry a scheduled class boy. He wished he could go back in time and change his decisions. He missed his daughter Nisha. That night, both Shashi and Balram prayed for peace of Nishaís spirit. They knew she was listening to them somewhere.

Rohit and Paro were sitting next to Rajís body. Rajís parents were also sitting close by. They saw Rajís lips moving. They call the doctor. But after a while the movement was gone.

When everyone left, Raj was alone on his bed in the hospital. His eyes closed. Nisha came into his view. He sees her in the white clouds luring him closer and closer to him. She tells him to get up. She tells him that the he has to live and continue his parentís name. She tells him the night has gone and the morning is about to begin. She lifts his body. And a Nurse sees Raj moving his head, legs, and hands. She calls the doctor. They all see the miracle as it was happening. Raj was getting out of coma after 1 year. Raj yells Nishaís name. And they all called it Godís grace that Raj was now no longer in a coma.

In next few weeks, Raj recollects himself. He prepares himself as he is now a professional. He opens his office as a Lawyer. He starts to work. He knows that the world needs his services. He has to be a productive citizen. It was all because Nisha had told him to do so.

On the other hand, Balram and Shashi were getting sick and tired of Rahul. They had decided to get divorce from him and also their land back. When Balram goes into the city to seek a lawyer. He ends up meeting Raj. Raj very much angry with Balram didnít want to insult him for his foolishness. He instead chose to stay away from him. However, Balram asks Raj for forgiveness. He tells him that his eyes were opened. He realized that caste system is nonsense. Because even people in higher caste are bad. In addition, one canít judge someone based on their caste. He asked for forgiveness. Raj tells him that its already too late to realize all this. But Balram insists on forgiving him. Raj thinks about Nisha and forgives Balram as he is her father. He tells him that we are all humans. God made humans. But its humans who made the society. Balram agrees and tells him the story of Shashi and Rahul. Raj agrees to fight her case in the court. Maybe thatís why Nisha wanted Raj to come back.

In the court, Raj meets Rahul. He thinks about Nisha and fights with arguments in the court. He presented Balram and Shashi as the witnesses. The Judge was fully understanding. He understood that Rahul married Shashi only for her land. He ordered Rahul to sign the divorce papers and give Balramís land back. Raj had won his first case. Balram was happy but sad for his daughter that she is single again.

That night Nisha shows up in Rajís dream. She thanks him for believing in himself. She also asks for last favor. She tells him to forget her. She tells Raj to forget all the things about her. She says that her Spirit canít be free until her sister is not happy. Because her sister was part of her, she is un complete without her happiness. She asks Raj if he could marry Shashi and give her life and hope. He yells Nishaís name and wakes up.

Next day, Raj goes to meet Balram to see how things were going on. Rahul was at Balramís house. He was forcing Balram to let Shashi come back with Rahul. Raj stops Rahul. He tells him that they will be divorced soon. However, Balram tells Raj that who is going to take care of Shashi. She only studied until tenth grade. She canít take care of her self. She is not skilled either. She is better with Rahul. Let all the things calm down. But Raj says No. He tells Balram that Rahul is going to bring misery in her life. Then Balram asks Raj again who will marry her if not Rahul. Then Raj thinks about Nisha and says that he will marry her. He will take care of her. He will keep his promise with his love Nisha. Balram was shocked that Raj agreed even after Balram made his life a living hell. However, this time Balram knew that caste system is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. He knew people canít be judged by their caste or religion. So he agreed to let Shashi marry Raj. Raj married Shashi. He gave her life. He gave her hopes. He remembered Nisha as Nisha thanked him and disappeared in the night sky.

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