English Poem Happiness Spells Distress   by: Hillol Ray   
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Jealousy is a human nature
Since the days of ancient dawn-

And complicates decision making
To figure out the ace and pawn!
Calligraphy of daring and baring
Secrets of body and soul,
Weaves threads of happiness or distress
And brings out the toll!
Lean cuisines may not satisfy
The taste bud or palate-
But the skinny figure does magic
For beauty judges’ gavel or mallet!
Happiness echoes in back of mind,
When the drum rolls start-
And modelers in scanty clothes smile,
Showing curves as an art!
Distress of achieving the shape
Has a silver lining on back-
And deals with anorexia or bulimia
That body shouldn’t lack!
Fame and fortune bring happiness
To please individual mind-
But distress seems to linger or graze
And spells the tales we find!
Someone’s happiness from success and wealth
May be the whimper of others headache-
While distress sits on the pedestal,
Awaiting a smile, real or fake!!

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