English Poem Aries, The Ram   by: Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani   
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The fire sign burning bright
That's Aries, the Ram, in all its might

Masculine and cardinal, ruled by Mars
Forthright and willful, 'tis say the stars!
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac
Optimistic always, ne'er looks back
Welcoming the Sun at Spring Equinox
Beautiful and friendly, like monsoon's first rain drops!
Daring and energetic, to begin
Risk-taking is his favourite game
Careless, impulsive and childish at times
A pursuer, an achiever, a leader pristine!
Refusing to ever accept defeat
Unwilling to compromise, by deceit
Smart, competitive and tactful is the Ram
With a heart of gold, that lights up the dawn!
Seeking self expression in its own way
Problems from Aries always stay at bay
Not needing social approval, the Ram
Even in tumultuous times, knows to stay calm!
Disliking to follow, hating being led
Totally romantic, in the bed
Wonderful talker armed with charms,
Sentimental and emotional, is the Ram!
Forever hasty and arrogant
Domineering natured and sometimes intolerant
Yet brave as a bull is the Ram
Almost close to a magical heavenly balm!

An acrostic on Aries:

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