English Poem Taurus, The Bull   by: Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani   
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To Earth the closest zodiac sign
That's Taurus, the Bull, firm and fine

Patient and reliable, ruled by Venus
Yet, at times, possessive and jealous!
The second sign of the zodiac
Warmhearted and a peace loving pack
Unshaken during difficulties, so strong
Stable through the eeriest fog!
Faithful and conservative to begin
Being balanced is part of his game
A generous friend with lots of affection
Practical and dependable, without deception!
Strong will powered, prudent and just
Even tempered and full of trust
Persistent and determined, till the end
This law-abiding citizen, is hard to bend!
Ambitious, methodical and creative
With a strong aesthetic taste, he must live
Sensually self-conscious and modest
Yet, sometimes, greedy, inflexible and self-indulgent!
Sometimes over-possessive and resentful
When pushed, the Bull, loses his cool
Disliking disruption and being indoors
Sexually straightforward from the core!
A lover of all good things in life
Comfort, luxury, good food and wine
Obeying superiors, the Bull moves on
Goodluck to you and so long!

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