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  I Don't Know  
by: Kennard LaJuan   

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My head is in the clouds,
and itís not coming down
until I finally decide.
Am I gonna be strong
and keep holding on
or if itís time to say goodbye?
Time is standing still
I donít know what to feel,
so I keep tossing through the night.
My heart and body are saying yes,
but I must confess,
I donít know if theyíre right.
I donít know where Iím coming from.
I donít know where Iím going to.
The wheels in my head are turning,
and I donít know what Iím going to do.
No I donít have any answers.
I donít know if I wanna try.
All I know is what Iím going through.
All I know is I donít wanna keep crying.
I know my eyes have cried a river,
and Iím afraid that Iím going to drown.
Loving you has given me wings,
but still I feel like Iím falling down.
I know my heart keep getting broken,
but loving you, it makes me high.
Are we headed for eternal bliss
or is our love about to die?
I believed you when you said
that our love could conquer all.
What you forgot to say
was rose colored love is often peoples downfall.
My heart is beating at a frantic pace
so am I winning the race
or am I headed for a brick wall?
I donít know.
I donít know why my heart keeps breaking
then mending like nothing was wrong.
Why does it keep pretending
while it wonders how long?
I donít know why my heart keeps breaking,
then mending like there was no harm.
I canít decided if I wanna move on
or stay in your loving arms.
I donít know whatís going on,
but I know what Iím going through.
Even though you hold my heart
I donít know what Iím gonna do.

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