English Poem Wheelbarrow: My Address   by: Hillol Ray   
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With fluctuations of interest rates,
Banks now show more human interest-

And it’s climbing daily rapidly,
Vying to reach Mount Everest!
Customer tantalization is done well
By luring into various schemes-
And “Satisfaction is Our Motto”
Spells out the bank themes!
Sinking into gradual debts
And credit cards is the modern trend-
To lead life on the fast lanes,
And keep up with “Joneses” and friend!
Penthouse and high rises glitter skylines,
But trap us to pass on the debt-
And soon our children will inherit a burden,
Where the bank accounts are kept!
Getting in and out of mortgages
Is playing the pivotal role-
To show our social standing and ego;
And is adjusting the meniscus of soul!
Stress with anxiety is prevalent
In every step that we may take-
And will reduce our longevity,
Before we blow on next birthday cake!
So I have embarked on a simple living,
While placing my belongings on a wheelbarrow-
And made it as my home address,
Where I like to sink in as a loving sparrow!!

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