Short-Story When Realtions Breaks!   by: Pranav Panchal   
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Once upon a time there was a fellow named Aryan. He got married with one beautiful lady named Shelly. There marriage life was very good. They both loved each other very much. The time passed and Shelly gave birth to a baby boy named Rajiv. Rajiv was a very cute boy. A little more time passed and Shelly gave birth to another baby boy named Anuj. Anuj was very sweet looking boy. But he was mentally abnormal. Shelly didn't liked Anuj as he behaved little differently. She always avoided him. Aryan knew that Shelly is behaving like a stranger to Anuj. But on the other side Rajiv & Aryan loved Anuj much than anything in this world. Both of them always tried to fullfil the love which he doesnt get from his own mother.

Shelly was tired of Anuj, as a result she us to have frequent warm speakings with Aryan. Aryan was also tired of Shelly now. The same thing had happened to Shelly too. But due to there internal disputes the ultimate harashments were on the mind of Rajiv. Rajiv was very unhappy of there father & mother's daily disputes. Later, Rajiv was very very sad when he found out that Shelly, his own mother is having an affair with some other fellow. Rajiv cried with pain. He was so shoked that he didnt even told the matter to his father too. Sudhir was the name of the fellow who used to love Rajiv's mother in his own house only. Rajiv had seen both of them together many times. Shelly's behaviour with Aryan was changing day by day. And on the other side her relationship with Sudhir was strengthening day-by-day. Finally Aryan came to know about Shelly's affair with other guy from his close friend. Later Rajiv also told all the matters to Aryan. Finally Aryan broked down. He was very much hurt on Shelly's this type of behaviour. Aryan finally divorced Shelly, and was leaving Shelly crying & leaving his both sons to Shelly just because no mother in this world leaves away her own sons. But, God Forgive her! She kicked both of them out towards Aryan and told him that she doesnt want this two kids. Rajiv was elder brother of Anuj so he could understand everything happening around. But Anuj was too small to understand all matters. Now Guess! I Aryan would have denied to take his two sons back to his house, what would be the future of Rajiv & Anuj? But due to God's Grace! Aryan accepted both of them because Aryan loved both of them very much.

Aryan accepted the truth. No matter Shelly betrayed him but he had decided to make his children the best of all. To Rajiv, Aryan behaved like a best friend. And to Anuj, Aryan behaved like a father & mother (both). Later Rajiv became a very great popular fellow. He became a very famous story writer. He earned very big name and fame. But, Rajiv never forgot the story of his realy life. He still loves his brother Anuj very much. His father Aryan is very happy now.

But there is one more truth after this happy endings. Shelly tried to meet Rajiv many a times but Rajiv never saw her mother after the age of 8 years which was his last chance to see Shelly. And now, Rajiv tells everybody that : NO MATTER WHATEVER THE BAD HAPPENS TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE, BUT PLZ DONT FORGET THE RELATIONSHIPS OF THE FAMILY, SONS, ELDERS BECAUSE THIS REALTIONSHIPS ARE THE BEST WHEN THEY ARE JOINED BUT WHEN IT BREAKS! IT BREAKS EVERYTHING!

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