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  Maata Bhajan  
by: sharan jha   

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(this bhajan i wrote in my first year in Germany and this has led me through many navratris since then!Anyone who has attended an overnight "jagrata" in India can understand the feeling! i wish i could send you the composed music also!)
O maiyya, maa ka navratra aaya
humne jagrata payya
prem se sare mil hum gayenge.
O maiyya, shankar ji tum bhi aana
vishnu ko saath mein laana
brahma ji howle howle aayenge.
O maiyya ----------------
Duur desh mein pade hein maata
koi aage na picche
baras ho gaye haath se apne
tulsi ka dal sinche
maiyya, paap nashane wali
maange sajane wali, gauri maa
O maiyya, aankh mein mere aansu
argh samajh ke le tu, maata ji
O maiyya -----------------
na koi mandir paas hamare
na koi shivaley
baras ho gaye maa tere
darbar mein phere daale
maiyya, bacchon ka haath na chode
bhakton ki aas na tode, durga maa
O maiyya, duur ke phere mere
paas samajh ke le re, maata ji
O maiyya ----------------

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