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10.If you've got into the habit of striking a conversation, beginning with "Nice weather, Hahn!"
9.If your toddler son starts addressing you as "Dud", instead of "Dad".
8.During your last trip to India, if you spend more time on W/C than on your reserved seat, while traveling in train.
7.If you actually start washing that deep-fry pan, after preparing Vadas and Pakoras.
6.If you start liking Broccoli.
5.If you start finding cricket as a 'boring' game but don't mind watching Baseball or Football on TV.
4.If you have developed a liking for free style wrestling and have become a fan of Hulk Hogan.
3.If your freezer is full of packaged food.
2.If the first sentence that comes out of your mouth, after opening a Christmas gift, is "Thanks a lot, This is exactly what I was looking for and actually planning to buy."
1.If you start saying "interesting" for something which you actually think is "weird".

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