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10.TRAFFIC LIGHT -- apparatus that automatically turns red when your car approaches.
9.DIVORCE -- postgraduate in School of Love.
8.PEOPLE -- some make things happen, some watch things happen, and the majority has no idea what's happened.
7.SELF-CONTROL -- the ability to eat only one peanut.
6.SALESMAN -- man with ability to convince wife she'd look fat in mink.
5.CANNIBAL -- person who likes to see other people stewed.
4.FOREIGN FILM -- any movie shown in Texas theater that isn't a western.
3.MAGAZINE -- bunch of printed pages that tell you what's coming in the next issue.
2.COLLEGE: The four-year period when parents are permitted access to the telephone.
1.BABY-SITTER: A teen-ager who must behave like an adult so that the adults who are out can behave like teen-agers.

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