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10.U don't open conversation (on telephone) with a "Hello" but with a "Hi"
9.The telephone is never "engaged", it's always "busy".
8.U don't "disconnect" a phone, U simply "hang-up".
7.U never have a "residence" tel. no., U have a "home" no.
6.U never have a "office" tel. no., U have a "work" no.
5.U never say "I will give you a ring" (especially to a female), you simply "call"
4.U never "joke", U just "kid".
3.U don't "sweat it out", U "work U'r butt off".
2.U don't "schedule" a meeting, U "skejule" it.
1.U never ask for a pencil "rubber". U ask for an eraser.

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