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10.Height of Honesty - A pregnant woman asking the bus conductor for one & a half ticket.
9.Height of Confusion - Two earthworms hugging in a bowl of noodles.
8.Height of Foolishness - A guy peeping thruŽ the keyhole of a glass door.
7.Height of Noise - Two skeletons wrestling on a tin roof.
6.Height of Competition - A guy taking a leak right next to Niagra falls.
5.Height of Itch - A guy hanging upside down from a roof trying to scratch his feet.
4.Height of laziness - Adoption.
3.Height of Sophistication: Drinking orange juice by poking a straw into an orange.
2.Height of patience: A guy lying under a banana tree with his mouth wide open and hoping for banana to fall right in.
1.Height of coincidence: And the banana falling right in!

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